Mr. Raffy Tulfo must be thinking that his viewers and admirers are unthinking people. Wrong. Completely wrong. In this day and age, his millions of subscribers and followers know a lie when they see one or hear one. And his “explanation” on Monday afternoon that the outrage of Filipinos who launched an “unsubscribe/unfollow” campaign on his social media accounts only poured more octane gas into the flames. The conflagration even grew bigger. The people are angrier. That’s because Raffy Tulfo was so crude with his deception and lies that he could not fool anybody.

He could have just asked for forgiveness and stopped at that. Maybe some will forgive him after a while. And a lapse of time will heal wounds. But that is not about to happen after Tulfo made it appear that everything resulted from “misinformation” and “fake news”. He said he didn’t mean to say that his “16 million versus 42 million” was a boast that his subscribers will outvote the supporters of President Duterte should he run for Vice President.

Mr. Tulfo, don’t ever try that again. A lie cannot be covered up with another lie.