Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta is definitely the man our country needs to become a Senator and chair the Blue Ribbon Committee so that its vast powers can be used responsibly and not just to advance political agendas.

In a statement during the House good government committee hearing into the alleged DOH anomalies, Marcoleta cited a privilege speech delivered by the late Joker Arroyo when he was in the Philippine Senate in which he lamented the abusive powers arrogated by the Blue Ribbon unto itself.

One example is that the Blue Ribbon does not respect one’s right against self-incrimination. Second, the Blue Ribbon is supposed to investigate only alleged wrongdoing among public officials and employees. Pharmally is a private entity, and supposedly not within its scope. The Blue Ribbon is worse that the Military Commission during martial law.

Here’s the video segment of the hearing on Marcoleta’s denunciation of the Blue Ribbon committee.