Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta has once again demonstrated what a skillful and intelligent debater he is.

Yesterday, during the House Committee on Good Government investigation into allegations of overpricing in the PPE purchases of the Department of Health, Marcoleta unmasked the pretensions of certified public account Mon Abrea that he is an “expert” on finance and procurement.

Last week, Abrea testified before the Blue Ribbon committee that the financial statements of Pharmally raised doubts as to its financial capability to raise the capital to buy PPEs worth billions of pesos and sell these to the DOH.

Abrea admitted that he was asked by the Blue Ribbon chairman Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon to scrutinize the balance sheets of Pharmally and tell the committee about his findings.

But upon intense questioning by Deputy Speaker Marcoleta, Abrea had to admit that if he were in the same circumstances as the government that he illustrated in a scenario, he would have purchase a life-saving drug for one hundred times its price if only one supplier had stocks and was offering it at an outrageously high price.

Here’s the video clip of Marcoleta’s grilling of Abrea: